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How to view YouTube earning in Google AdSense report

How to view YouTube earning in Google AdSense report

Hi there! In this video, I would like to show you guys about How to view YouTube earning in Google AdSense report. There are may friends of mind usually ask me where their YouTube is earning while they always see zero earning in the AdSense account.
To see the YouTube earning in the Google AdSense account please following:

1- Log in to your Google AdSense account that linked with the YouTube account you want to view the earning report.

2- After you Logged in to your AdSense account, on the left side vertical menu bar, please select “Performance Report.”

3- In the  “Performance Report” section, under the “Report type”  please click on “Days” and then select “Products” tab under the “Inventory Groups.”

4- Under the “Products,” please scroll down, you will See Products list at the bottom of the report like “Hosted AdSense for Content” and “AdSense for Content.”

5- To see your YouTube earning, Please click on  “Hosted AdSense for Content.” You will see your YouTube in the “Total earning” tab of the report section.

6- You can select date rank at the right side to view specificity earning from you YouTube account by Day, Week, Month, Last Month, this month, or any date rank as you want.

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