Download free live TV online Software for Windows and Mac

How exactly to use basic free live Television online services from a few TV Cable tv companies in Cambodia by setup the software on your computer.

Some TV cable companies cooperated with the television station to offer free live TV online services and TV cable service in Cambodia. Since technology grows from days the days, today the TV cable companies improved their service from wired TV to wireless TVs such as internet television and IP TV for Home and Business. The TV cable companies such as SingMeng Telemedia Co., Ltd, PPCTV Co., Ltd, and Mekong Net have also offered some basic live TV online service for their customers to watch free live TV online on smartphones and computer. Moreover, the television station has also allowed you to watch their TV program on its official web page like SeaTV.

If you would prefer watching live TV online on your computer, you can use the free services from the company as I describe above by going to their homepage to download free live TV software. Please read here to get started to watch live TV with And also you can download the application from this company please read Download and install TV application on Windows PC. Moreover, you watch live TV online without installing any software; please go to Watch TV online on your computer.

Also, you can use the free app from SingMeng Telemedia Co., Ltd, PPCTV Co., Ltd, and Mekong Net from your smartphone. Please read Khmer live online TV app for Android phone or

How to download TV software for computer

You may have two applications available for the computer. They are Mekong TV and Kodi. And also those application offers some free channels just like to use a TV with an antenna. If you would prefer to use full TV experiences, you may buy their services. Now let’s start to download those applications.

Download Kodi

Kodi is also an application available to watch some live TV online Khmer channel. To be able to use it, you need to install some plugin called Khmer Add-on. To learn more about this, please read Download Kodi and Khmer add-on.

khmer add-on Kodi
When you complete set up you will Khmer channel on Kodi

Installation instruction:

  1. Download Kodi: please go to KODI official download page and download KODI for the Computer Windows version. After download complete click on file setup to install. Please follow the installation instruction that appears on the configuration screen.
    Download Kodi live TV 
  2. Download Khmer Add-on and save it on your computer. Please click on the Khmer add-on to install that plugin. After you complete installation, you will see the Khmer channel available in KODI.
    Download Khmer add-on for Kodi
  3. Khmer TV add-on for Mac OS and Windows
    Download Kodi Plugin Video Khmer add-on for Mac OS

You may even download free software and mount Khmer add-on to have the ability to watch live TV online set for some of the free Khmer Television channels on your PC. Kodi is the program available across a program which allows you to set up on all device. So you will get Kodi on Apple App Store, Yahoo Play Store, and Glass windows Store

How to install Kodi and Kmer TV addon

Please watch the videos below to learn more about how to install Kodi and add the Khmer Tv addon.


  1. You have completed installation both KODI and Khmer add-on, but Khmer add-on does not work. It is a common issue when you completed in KODI and Khmer add-on but still can not watch live TV online with the Khmer channel. It can cause you to install KODI, and you run the KODI before you installed the Khmer add-on. You can fix the problem by uninstalling KODI with remove all user data and then install it again. Please keep in mind that you must not run KODI until you have installed the Khmer add-on.
  2. I can not install KODI and see the message “api-ms-win-crt-locale-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer“. The problem can cause you are running Windows 7 non-service pack. You can fix this issue by update your Windows to Windows 7 service pack 1. You may also download service pack 1 for Windows 7 here. Please read here to learn more about how to update your Windows 7. After you completed update your Windows please install Update for Windows 7 (KB2999226) get file missing ” api-ms-win-crt-locale-l1-1-0.dll“. What you completed all listing above, please click on set up KODI again.
    Moreover, if you see message error “api-ms-win-crt-locale-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer” on Windows 8 or Windows 10, it causes your computer lost update (KB2999226). You can go to official Microsoft Download page and select the right current version of Windows that your using.

Download Mekong TV from MekongNet Co., Ltd.

Mekong TV allows you can download and install software to live TV online on your computer. And also the software required an internet connection to live stream TV. Moreover, Mekong Net required you to register an account with their company to be able to use that application. Now let’s start to download Khmer TV for your computer.

Download Mekong TV for computer

Please read here for instructions on how to install MekongNet on the computer.

Mekong TV
Mekong TV


By installing Khmer TV software on your computer, you will be able to enjoy your TV time watching live TV online on your computer. The services are free, so it is a limit. You may upgrade the service by purchasing the companies product to get full TV experience.

Thank you so for reading my post. I hope you can have the Khmer TV on your PC today and watch live TV online on your computer. Please subscribe to my post to get news articles automatically via email. Please help like and share. Thank you.

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