Local web hosting companies in Cambodia.

Why should you host Your Website locally with a local web hosting companies in Cambodia?

By host your website locally with local web hosting companies in Cambodia, you may enjoy the numerous benefits attached. The local data center would allow your customers’ devices to load your website faster due to ultra-low Latency between the server and your costumer’s devices. Most companies in Cambodia operate their business locally, so the number of ‘hops’ between networks affects the speed that website loads. And also, the local hosting companies may provide support by Local & International IT Experts that understand and speak your language for easy consultation.

There are many Web hosting companies in Cambodia that provide reseller hosting services using oversea server datacenter. The long-distance that data has to travel between the web hosting server, and the visitors may affect the website’s slow down performance.

The reasons that you should choose local web hosing in Cambodia.

There are many specific reasons that you should choose to host your website locally:

Website loading speed

When you hosted a website locally, it should be running faster about three-time than hosting overseas due to experience maximum data transfer speed with near 0% Latency between local datacenter and user. The traffic of the website that hosted local is routed locally through the Internet Exchange Point of Cambodia.


The pricing of the hosting service of the local companies is computable by the oversea hosting companies.

Boost the local economy

Host a website locally enables you to grow the economy. Nigeria loses billions annually from hosting abroad. Local hosting companies export services and, in turn, generate revenue for the country.

Local support if your host locally

Host your website with Cambodia’s local hosting server service to enjoy value, speed, and local consultant to help you get the best out of your project. And also, you may experience a better quality of support by the local hosting companies when you host your website locally. Notably, the differences in the country have a different time zone.

The oversea hosting companies may offer support via email, phone call, or live chat. The work hour of oversea Web hosting companies may be out of your work hour. In this case, you may only get support via email, and it will take time to get a response. Time difference and language will not be an issue for the local hosting companies. And also, using a reputable local company to host your website means you have easier access to quality support. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, telephone, email, and chat support. Where possible, the local hosting companies your Issues for you on the spot. One phone call connects the small business owner to a customer care representative instead of an automated phone tree.

The local data center companies in Cambodia

There service hosting companies in Cambodia that provide web hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), dedicated server, and running their own data center locally:



iOneCloud provides Local Elastic Cloud Server (LECS) provides scalable, on-demand cloud servers for secure, flexible, and efficient application environments, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted services for the small & medium and large enterprise.

And also, if your business is hosting a website abroad, you may use iOneCloud CDN to maximize your speed limit. If you happen to host your website or app outside the country, naturally, your customers will have to endure slower access speed due to the way the internet works.

Over more, if you plan to publish your website or blog, iOneCloud also provides cPanel based shared hosting that it should be fit for your need.

iOneCloud contact info;
iOneCloud contact info

You should host locally rather than overseas if your target market is local. Hosting your website locally will ensure more uptime for your website. High-speed loading time for your web pages, and faster browsing for your local visitors. Along with greater access to expert support and optimum access to your target market. Creating a great user experience.

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