Right click to correct word in Khmer Language by OpenOffice Khmer proofing tool

Did you know that you can Right-click to correct word in the Khmer Language by OpenOffice Khmer proofing tool?

If you type a document in Microsoft Word or any other word-processing application in some of the languages, for example, English, you will read or blue underline under the wrong word or sentence. Unfortunately, You will not be able to use right-click to rectify the word in the Khmer language, because that application especially Microsoft Office is not supported by the Khmer proofing tool. In this post, I would like to share the good news that you can correct very word in Khmer language much accuracy with OpenOffice.

So what is OpenOffice? OpenOffice is an open-source office application such as word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and database application that you can download and use it for free. And also You can install the Khmer Spelling Checker add-on with OpenOffice to be enabled using the Khmer Language proofing tool. I believe that the OpenOffice with Khmer spelling checker will help you a lot to make a flawlessly writing letter in the Khmer Language. It’s simple to describe the Khmer spelling checker on OpenOffice that it’s just like you are using Microsoft Word to type a letter in English.

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Download OpenOffice for Windows

OpenOffice user interface is very similar to Microsoft Word 2003 so you will difficult to use this application. And also you can change the language of OpenOffice to Khmer then all Menu bar and screen tip will translate to Khmer. To be able to use it’s feature Firstly, you need to download it and install it on the computer, and then you must install Khmer spelling checker to enable Khmer Proofing tool.
There are many new version of OpenOffice released such as OpenOffice 4.1.x, but I would recommend you to download OpenOffice 3.4 because the new versions of OpenOffice are not worked well with Khmer Spelling Checker add-on. You will have a lot of download option, so please read before you do download. Please click on download link below to download OpenOffice.
  1. Download OpenOffice 3.4.1 Khmer interface language
  2. Download OpenOffice 3.4.1 English interface language
  3. You can choose any version for download such as version 4.x.x or older.  Download OpenOffice home page
Khmer proofing tool
Official Download page of OpenOffice and Khmer proofing tool

Download Khmer spelling checker for OpenOffice

You will need to install Khmer Spelling checker for OpenOffice to enable Khmer proofing. To download Khmer Spelling Checker of OpenOffice please to official Add-on developer website by SBBIC, or you can download from the OpenOffice extension web page.
After you have completed install OpenOffice and Khmer spelling checker on your computer, you will be able to correct all the words in the Khmer language very accuracy.
You must type Khmer word with space for the very words to make application detect the word that it just like you enter the English word. The writing in the Khmer language does not require the space tour every word, but you must put the space for very Khmer word to make Khmer proofing system working. In Khmer, Unicode typing has on character type called ideal space you can use the space for split very Khmer Word.
I appreciate you for taking time your time to read this post. I hope that this post could help you to find the perfect Khmer proofing tool by installing OpenOffice and Khmer Spelling Checker or OpenOffice. If you have any problem of establishing process please fell free to leave your comment below, then I will help you to fix it. If you enjoy this post, please like and share this post with another friend.

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