How to setup your own domain name on Blogspot blog

Make your Blogspot blog to be a professional website by setting up your own custom domain name.

Blogspot or Blogger is a great Bog engine by Google. You can create an influential blog to share your passion with the world through the internet. By choosing Blogspot for your blog hosting you will no need to pay for any hosting fee. And also you do not need a domain name to create a website or blog because you can use a subdomain of blog spot for to create a blog one. The subdomain will be in format If you don’t want to use the subdomains of of the cause, you have the option set your own domains name for your blog.
Moreover, by hosting a website with blog spot, you will not concern about your blog security such as hacker because you can enable SSL for your blog and your blog is protected by Google Account. And also I believe that you will enjoy the great tool, simple and easy to use of blogger dashboard with the complete set of the tools such as Starts, Layout, Post, page, and etc.
And also you can buy a .com domain name for very low price only $1 for the first year, please click here. 

Setup custom domain name for Blogspot blog

Now let’ st talk about how to set up the custom domain name for Blogspot blog. To set up a custom domain name for a blog spot site you just to do a few things. Please follow the step by step below:

Step 1:

To log in to your blogger dashboard, please log in to your Google Account, and then click on the App icon -> scroll down and select Blogger.

Step 2:

Right on the vertical menu bar of the Blogger dashboard, please select Setting. Under the Publishing section, at Blog Address, please click on + Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog – Point your own registered URL to your blog.

Step 3: 

Please fill your own domain name into the Third-party domain setting tab and then click Save. Please, not that you must fill a domain name that you have already registered and also you must put www. for example And also after you have already fill int gap with a domain name, you will not be able to save until you have completed setup your domains DNS. You will need to configure your domains DNS you will see the configure setting after you click Save. Please keep in mind that you should keep opening the page do not close it until you have completed setting up DNS for your domains. After the DNS setting is done, please click save again.

Step 4:

To Setting DNS for a domain name, please copy following Host field Name, Label, or Host field Destination, Target, or Points To field and then go to your domains account setting click on Add Record -> please select CNAM. And please fill the following host and lead to by information from your Blogger. and then click Save. 

Step 4:

After you have done setting up the CNAME record of your domain name, please go back to your Blogger and click on the Save button again.

Now you have all set done and your blog will show your own domain name instead of the sub-domain name of Blogger.

I appreciate your taking your value able time to read my blog, and I hope that this post can help you to proceed with setting up a custom domain name for your blog. Should you have the opinion, please leave your comment below. If you enjoy this post, please like and share this article with your friend. Please subscribe to my blog to get notification automatically for the very new post.

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