Download Font Khmer Limon S1

Download Font Khmer Limon S1 to view legacy Khmer documents that use Khmer Limon S1 font on your computer or Mac.

Font Khmer Limon S1, Download, Details and previews.

Font Limon S1
Font Limon S1

Font face properties:

  • Face name: Regular
  • Character count:
  • Glyph count:
  • Type: TrueType
  • Is symbol font: No
  • Is Monospaced: No
  • Style: Normal
  • Stretch: Normal
  • Weight: Normal – 400
  • File size:
  • Deisigner:
  • Designer Url:
  • Version strings:
  • Trademark:
  • License info Url:

The font Khmer Limon S1 is an old font that was used in Cambodia before the Khmer Unicode standard was introduced. It was created by Limon Group in 1994 and has a regular style. You can download it from this website for personal use only. If you want to use it for commercial purposes, you need to contact the copyright owner or FontGoods.

The font Khmer Limon S1 is not compatible with some graphic design and video editing software, so you may need to use Khmer Unicode fonts instead. You can also download other Limon fonts from this website if you want to open old documents that used them. However, you should be aware that the Limon fonts are not widely used anymore and may not display correctly on some devices.

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