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Font Khmer OS Siemreap, Download, Details and previews.

Khmer OS Siemreap
Khmer OS Siemrap

Font Details:

  • Font type: True type
  • Font size: 100 Kb
  • Developer: Khmer OS
  • Font Embedding: installable
  • Support OS: Windows, Mac
  • Font tag:


Font Khmer OS Siemreap is a TrueType font designed by Mr. Danh Hong for Open Insitute. This font’s typography style is suitable for use in the paragraph page body. There are a few fonts with the name Siemreap, such as “KhmerOSsiemreap,” “KH Siemrap,” and “Khmer-Siemreap,” it’s just style as Only “Siemreap.” Those names defer by font developers, but the appearance is the same. For example, the font “Siemreap.ttf” is a Google font. Today, many people and public sectors use Font Khmer Siemreap for writing official documents such as contracts, applications, and legal documents.

Although the fonts have the same appearance but have different names, for practical use, each font can work better on individual platforms or applications. For example, the “Khmer OS Siemreap” font can work well on Mac OS. Google font “Siemreap” can be used with Adobe software smoothly. However, all those fonts work fine on Microsoft Windows and Microsoft apps.

Font Khmer OS Siemreap preview:

You can preview the fonts before downloading them on the sample text rendering below.

How to install:

To install the font on Windows PC, just follow the steps:
1- Download fonts and save to your computer.
2- Go to the directory where you store the download file and Righ click on the Zip file, and then select “Extract file.”
3- Right click on selected font files from the context menu, select “install,” and all set.
Now you can enjoy using the font on your computer.
If you are a Mac user, please read my post “How to install font Khmer on macOS?” You may also download all Khmer Unicode fonts. Please visit: “How to download all Khmer Unicode fonts.”