Download font Limon Khmer font for your computer

Download font Limon the older font Khmer for your computer to fix your document unreadable

Font Limon is an older font Khmer that was used in general before font Khmer Unicode was released. The Limon font was created in 1994 by Sath SokhaMony & Chhit WornNarith (Limon Group). The font is not famous for use anymore, but if you open an old document that contained this font with a new computer, your text will not be readable. You can download and install font Limon on your computer to make your old document readable to fix the problem. Nowadays, many designers still use font Limon for their projects because most computer programs support these fonts better than Khmer Unicode fonts.

 You can download font Limon package from the line below:
the computer program such as Graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Video editor software do not support all font Khmer Unicode, so we still need the font Limon to type Khmer text in the project.

Font Khmer Limon Keyboard Layout

You will need to learn about font Limon typing skill to be able to edit or make change a document that using Limon font. To help you quickly find the character of Limon font on the keyboard, I have attached the picture of the Limon Keyboard layout as below:
Font Limon Keyboard Layout
Font Limon Keyboard Layout

How to convert a document that using Limon font to font Khmer Unicode

I have also written an article about how to convert font Limon to Font Unicode by installing PAN Colocalization on Microsoft Word. If you have never learned about Limon font typing skill and you want to edit a document that typed with Limon font, you can convert it o font Khmer Unicode. And also you can learn more about how to download and install PAN Colocalization Package for Microsoft Office please read:
I appreciate you for taking time your time to read this post. I hope that this post could help you easier to get the font Limon for your computer to fix could readable document that using Limon font. If you have any problem of installing process please fell free to leave your comment below, then I will help you to fix it. If you enjoy this post, please like and share this post with another friend.


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