Download Khmer Unicode for Windows

Download Khmer Unicode Installer for a computer to enable Khmer Nida Unicode Keyboard and get Khmer Unicode font.

There is two Khmer keyboard typing experience for Windows users such as Khmer Keyboard by Microsoft and Khmer Keyboard by National Information Communication Technology Development Authority – Nida. The Khmer Keyboard typing experience by Microsoft is deference from Khmer Unicode Nida typing. And also the computer training center and the school did not include Microsoft Khmer Keyboard typing skill into a computer training course. Khmer Unicode Keyboard Nida has been added to the training of equipment program for every computer training center and school so many Windows users are usually using Khmer Unicode Keyboard by Nida. To enable Khmer Unicode Keyboard on your computer, you need to Download Khmer Unicode Installer.

Since Windows Vista released, Khmer Unicode Keyboard is available by default. If you have just buy a new computer or set up Windows, you can go to Language and region setting in your computer Control Panel to enable Khmer Keyboard. And also you will need to download and install Khmer Unicode Nida manually to make it available to you PC.



You will need to take some time to adapt the change of Khmer typing experience from Microsoft Khmer keyboard layout to NiDA Khmer Keyboard layout or NiDA Khmer Keyboard Layout to Microsoft Khmer Keyboard layout. The picture below will help you to learn about Khmer Unicode typing for each Khmer Unicode Keyboard typing experience.

Khmer Unicode Keyboard Layout by NiDA

Khmer Unicode Keyboard Layout by Microsoft 

Installing Khmer Unicode can fix small system UI issue for Windows Vista, 7, 8

And also The system font of Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8 too small. You can set small UI font of Windows by just install the Khmer Unicode. Windows system UI using font Khmer Daunpenh that this font DPI is too low. After you install Khmer Unicode on your computer, the system will replace the font Daunpenh Khmer font Khmer OS system and windows will fix small interface. 

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