Download SPlus best free live TV app for smartphone

Download and Install SPlus on your smartphone to watch free live TV on mobile phones and tablets.

There are many ways to watch free live TV on smartphones, tablet or PC. And also SPlus is one of the best Khmer free live TV apps that available for Android smartphones and iOS that offer by Singing Telemedia. You can watch some basic package of the Khmer TV channel on the SPlus smartphone app with a high-quality HD video live stream. And also you can upgrade to full experience internet TV service by using Digital TV to your home that starting from $2 a month with the basic package and you can watch up to 32 channels.

In this post, I will show you how to install SPlus on your smartphone and how to use it. Now let’s start by following step by step below:

Download PPVTV Anywhere

PPCTV Anywhere is an official live TV online app that offered by PPCTV Co., Ltd. You can install the app for free on your smartphone. To download this app you can go to the official PPCTV webpage or you can download on App Store or Play Store from the links below:

Download from App Store for iPhone, iPad

Download from Play Store for Android Phone

live TV online

Download SPlus from AppStore for iPhone, iPad and Google PlayStore for Android Phone

Download SPlus from AppStore for iPhone, iPad and Google PlayStore for Android PhoneSPlus is the live TV app that you can install on your Android phone and iOS such as iPhone, iPad for free. And also you can enjoy some basic Khmer TV channels and some to intentional channels on your phone and tablet. to install SPlus please select the right download link for your phone.

If you are using Android phone please follow The Android phone section and if you are using iOS phones such as iPhone or iPad please follow the instruction for iOS.

Download SPlus for Android phone

Download SPlus for iOS phone

How to install SPlus

To install SPlus please click on the download link and then this site will take you to the Google PlayStore.

You can watch my video tutorial about the installation app on your smartphone. And also if you are using iPhone please go to the article that I wrote about the Khmer Live TV app for iPhone iPad. And also you can find a lot of more free live TV app for Android Phone at my previous post at Khmer live online TV app for smartphone or Download Khmer live TV for iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Lui Sze Ho Web Support

What’s New in Version 3.6.0

The update contains bug fixes and improve user experience,and is recommend for all users
1. Fix known bugs
2. Add movie ranklist

Moreover, user may also find many more Khmer live online TV  app on the Google Play Store. You can install many Khmer live online TV app on Play store.  In this post to show you about feature to the free live TV apps. I hope this post may help you. Thank you for reading my blog. If you found your search result here, please like and share. Please subscribe my blog to get more post about Cambodia. Leave your comment below if you have any opinion.

Download free live TV  Software for Windows and Mac

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