Download software recovery file from virus and hard disk recovery from the deleted file

The method to recovery file damage by the virus in USB flash drive, Memory card or external hard disk and hard disk recovery from a deleted file.

If you have ever faced this problem, you will see that when the virus that we don’t know it’s named attack to your hard disk or USB flash drive or Memory card, it will make your file lost or create the shortcut. And also it is big trouble if you don’t know how to recover the file back. Moreover, losing files is a big problem if the data are the most important. But no worry, in this post I will show you the simple way to make hard disk recovery and lose the file on your memory card or flash drive.

There are two simple ways to hard disk recovery and recover files from the virus. You can use the data recovery software to recovery lose the file. And one more thing, you can use the command line with command prompt in Windows to the recovery file.

Recovery lose file by using the command prompt in Windows

Everybody usually uses the USB Flash or External hard disk or memory card to copy the file or transfer data every day. And also by the copy or transfer data from a computer to another computer could attack by the virus.  That virus can damage your file by hiding your files or created the shortcut on your drive. Moreover, some of the viri make you can not open your USB drive. The first thing you do to make a hard disk recovery or recovery file from the virus is using the command line with command prompt in Windows. If you failed to make the hard disk recovery or recovery file on your USB drive, then you can try to use data recovery software to find them back. And also I will show you how to use data recovery software in the next section below.

Using the command line with command prompt

Now let’s try to recover the file from virus using the command line with the command from in Windows by following the instructions below:

  1. Plug your USB drive into the USB port on your computer.
  2. For Windows 10, please type “CMD” in the search bar and then click on Command prompt. If you are using Windows 8.1 please right-click on the Start menu and then select Command prompt.
  • Please run the CMD and then put the command line as below:
    attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive letter:\*.* example: attrib -h -r -s /s /d G:\*.* and then press Enter


  • After you completed those steps above, Windows will start to fix your lost files. Usually, the process will take about 1 minute or more so please wait. When the Windows completed the fixing process, you will be able to access your hard dire, USB flash drive, or memory card. Moreover, if the fixing process completed successfully, you will see loose files come back. And also you can use the software you do hard disk recovery or recovery file from the virus.

    Using EaseUS data recovery software to recovery lose the file or deleted file.

    If you have failed to recovery file by using CMD, you can now try to use EaseUS data recovery software to recovery lose the file or deleted file. EaseUS data recovery software can create a recovery file from any drive that has been removed or damaged by the virus. Primarily, you can use the software to make the hard disk recovery both external and internal hard driver or USB devices. You can recover your lost files very easy by using EaseUS data recovery software. Moreover, the software has an easy tool to use so it can customize a folder or file type that you are want to recovery. And also you can learn more about how to use the software by reading the software user guide. Please read the EaseUS data recovery software user guide.

    You can download EaseUS data recovery software by following the download links below:

    Download Win Version
    Download Mac Version

    How to protect your personal data from recovery deleted file

    Those methods as I described above are very important and useful to recovery files or hard disk recovery from the virus or deleted files. You should know that someone can use this method to recover files on your USB drive or hard disk too. Now let’s think about your old computer that you sold out or USB drive. I believe that you will delete for formatted your computer or USB drive before you give or sell them to someone, but those your personal data could be recovered. To prevent this problem, you should understand which deleted data could be recovered and which data could not recovery.

    The formatting option to protect your file from recovery.

    Now let’s see the format drive choices in Windows. When you do the right click on any storage drive that connected to your computer and select format, you will see two formatting option:

    1. Quick format: this option allows you to format your storage drive quickly, but the data will come back when we make the hard disk recovery.
    2. You can uncheck the quick format option by doing so, the formatting process will take longer time, but all data will never come back. And also anyone cannot make the file recovery or hard disk recovery your files by using any software. Moreover, you can feel confident when you give or sell your computer or any storage device for anyone.


    The Data that deleted or hiding by the virus is a big problem for everyone, and it’s worse is we don’t know to recovery file back. There is two easy option that can help you to do hard disk recovery and recovery file from the virus by using CMD in Windows and data recovery software. And also you should have an understanding of the storage drive formatting options to prevent someone accesses your personal data. Before you give or sell your computer or any storage device to each other, you should clean format your storage devices to prevent someone can see your personal data.

    I appreciate you that taking the time to read this post. If you enjoy this article, please share it. And also please leave your comment to express your opinion.

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