Download Khmer Unicode Typing for Windows PC

Let’s download and install Khmer Typing Software on your computer to practice your Khmer typing skill.

To improve your typing skills, you need to practice typing a lot. If you are a student or just starting to learn to type in Khmer, you must first learn about Khmer Typing skills. You could use some Khmer unicode typing applications on a computer to learn Khmer typing skills. In general, there is no Khmer script on most PC and laptop keyboards, so you need to find a note about the location and matching between the English alphabet and the Khmer alphabet on the keys of your computer keyboard. Therefore, you need a Khmer typing program to install on your computer to learn and practice Khmer typing easily. I want to show you some of the programs that you can use for free in this article.

Typing skills in Khmer have many standards, such as Microsoft Khmer Typing standard and Khmer Unicode NiDA. For those typing standards, the locations of the Khmer alphabet on the keyboard are different for some Khmer letters, Khmer vowels, diacritical marks, and Khmer Independent vowels. In this article, I would like to introduce the programs to learn to type in Khmer using the Khmer Unicode NiDA format because this method of typing skill in Khmer, according to the Khmer Unicode NiDA standard, is used generally in universities studies and used by companies, for typing work in Khmer.

Dlowand Khmer Unicode Typing

In this article, I will show you two programs for learning to type Khmer text: Khmer Unicode Typing by KhmerOS – Khmer Software Initiative and Khmer Typing from Windows Store.

Khmer Unicode Typing by KhmerOS – Khmer Software Initiative

The link below lets you download Khmer unicode typing 1.6.0 by KhmerOS – Khmer Software Initiative. I do not store this program file on my server. You can go directly to the website of the developer of this software to find out more about this software.


Following the Download button, you will forward to KhmerOS – Khmer Software Initiative Files on SourceForge. You can only download file setup via a Desktop web browser on a PC or Mac, but it won’t download via mobile phone.

Khmer unicode typing 1.6.0

KhmerTyping app on WIndows Store

You may also use the Khmer Typing app for Windows to learn to type Khmer text. This Khmer Typing app will help you to master the NiDA Khmer typing standard. It contains a visual keyboard to allow to use the proper finger and to find the character on the keyboard. Once you feel at ease with the keyboard layout, you can play one of the typing games of the application. You can download and install this application on your PC to practice and improve your typing skills. This Windows app is an open-source software provided by Passerelles numériques in Cambodia.

You can install the program directly from the Windows store on your computer.

Khmer Typing app on WIndows Store
KhmerTyping app on WIndows Store

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