How to generate voice in Khmer Language by Khmer text using Khmer Text to speech AI voice generator?

If you want to voice over into videos, documentaries, video lessons, shot video clips, or video ads in the Khmer language but don’t want to use your voice, you can use Khmer Text to speech AI voice generator. You can generate Khmer text to Voice and use it in your project very easily.

Many online services and mobile apps are available for you to use the Khmer text-to-speech AI voice generator. Some online websites provide more options to adjust the voice to fit your need, such as male or female, voice speed, and pitch. But those websites may limit your text length and require you to pay for a subscription to use their premium service. Even though some online translation services such as Google translate and Microsoft Bing translate will allow you to generate Khmer text to Khmer voice, much more, up to 3000 words in length, and so on. But those free services do not have any option to allow you to adjust the audio to what so ever you want.

The audio in the Khmer language generated by AI voice text-to-speech technology is unsuitable for professional purposes because the voice is a robot sound. But it is still convenient and helpful in creating a video, as mentioned above. Who cares if you make a video lesson to teach people about something or short video ads using a robotic voice? The voice-over is still understandable and gets the job done. Some people may be nervous about expressing themselves, and the text-to-speech service may be their best choice. Ok, enough talking. In this article below, let me show you some websites and apps you can use to achieve your tasks.

Disclaimer: by using the service, you must accept the respective service owner’s privacy policy and terms of use.

Narakeet Khmer text to Voice

Narakeet Text-to-speech allows you to generate Khmer text-to-Khmer audio with more options, such as male or female voice speed and pitch. You can choose the Male voice named Sovath and the Female voice named Nisa. The website also will enable you to download the audio after being generated from the text in various file formats such as m4a, mp3, or wav. You can only use the Narakeet service with a limited short text length for free. You must buy their subscription service to generate longer Khmer text to Khmer voice.

Go to Narakeet Text-to-speech website
Go to Narakeet Text-to-speech website


PlayTH allows you to generate Khmer text to audio and offer a few options for selecting between a female voice as Sreymom and a male voice as Piseth. You can also choose between standard voice and premium voice. I can’t describe clearly the voice quality, but you may try it yourself. PlayTH also offers free and premium services.


Google translate

You may already know about Google Translate and use this service daily. Everyone can use Google Translate to generate voice-by-text in nearly all the world’s languages, including Khmer. You can generate unlimited Khmer text to Khmer voice in female format for free for life. Even Google limits you to 5,000 words per translation, but you can do it repeatedly.

Google Translate

Microsoft Bing Translate

Instead, Microsft Bing translates in the Largest Online translation service to Google Translate. Bing Translate also provides text translation and allows you to play audio that generates from text to speech. Bing Translate can generate Khmer text to audio like Google Translate. They also offer only one female voice format for the Khmer Language, similar to Google.

Microsft Bing translates
Microsft Bing translates

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