Download Font Khmer Unicode for Mac OS.

You may download font Khmer Unicode for Mac OS, such as MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac mini. And also, there are many free Khmer font that you can go to download from the font publisher website to use in your documents or design project in Khmer text.

Most of the Operation System (OS) such as Windows or macOS, don’t offer enough font Khmer to use, so you will need to download font Khmer Unicode for Mac OS or Windows. If you Cambodian and using Machintosh that running macOS, you will need more Khmer font to use in your word document or any design project. There a lot of Khmer font publisher that provides free font Khmer Unicode for free such as, Google font, and Mr. Danh Hong.

Over more, you may also buy the fantasy font Khmer style for your logo from font maker like Akbalthom. And also, if you are a Windows user, you can download Khmer Unicode for Windows that includes both Khmer Unicode Keyboard and Font Khmer Unicode for Windows.

Why do you need to download font Khmer for macOS?

By default, macOS has only a few fonts Khmer Unicode such as “Khmer MN.” But in a word document or for any design artworks, you will need many more Khmer font styles such as Round style, Bold, Thin, or Handwriting style to make them professional, attractive, and great looking. 

And also, if you only need the font Khmer for your word document or any design artwork with Adobe program, you choose to download free Khmer Unicode font. Over more, you can buy a lot of more Khmer Unicode font styles that you can use to create a logo in your business. Here is a website, “,” that you can preview and buy many fantasy and professional font Khmer styles. 

Download font Khmer Unicode for macOS:


If you need help with the installation process, please, read: How to install font Khmer on macOS.

Should you install all Khmer Unicode font on my computer?

There are many font Khmer Unicode available to download and use for free. It’s over two hundred fonts Khmer Unicode. Did you know that many fonts Khmer have the same layout and shape, but they built in deference code? As most of the fonts, Khmer Unicode are free, so many font designers customize them and rename them to any name. For example, font Khmer “Khmer OS Battambang,” “Kh Battambang,” and font “Battambang” are the same. But why it’s too many? Not all font Khmer Unicode works in all Operating Systems and applications. For example, Fonts Khmer Unicode that has a prefix name “Khmer OS …” should work fine in macOS. And also, a font that doesn’t have any prefix name like “Freehand” “Fasthand” should work great in Adobe Photoshop. 

In conclusion, You don’t need to install all Khmer Unicode font on your computer. You need to make sure which OS and application that you are using and choose only the right font for them. 

Troubleshooting font Khmer Unicode known bugs.

As I described in the paragraph above, there are many deference OS and Apps. So the issue could occur at any time. I won’t explain how to fix all the problems of Khmer Unicode fonts in this post. Please check the specific error that arises within the particular app and OS below.


There are lots of font Khmer Unicode that you can download and use for free. If you need more font style to use in business, such as a logo or design project, you can buy the font. Some of the font Khmer Unicode has a different name but the same layout. And also, it may work in defiance OS or Apps. So you should install only the right one, your app or OS. And also, in this post, you can download font Khmer Unicode for Mac OS. 

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